Spring Return Cable Reels - Model: FT350

Robust Medium sized reels, ideal for industry, production bays, garages etc.

Marcaddy FT350  Cable Reel

Supplied with oil resistant rubber cable H07RN-F and mounting bracket for wall or ceiling fixing. Swivel bracket available to enable 350 degrees rotation for floor or ceiling application.

Also available is the FTE350.0115 version fitted with 15 metres of green/yellow earth cable with clip for earth bonding applications. The fused terminal block (where fitted) can be replaced with a standard terminal block, providing suitable protection is fitted, the maximum unwound load may then be increased to 16 amps.

  • Adjustable ball stop
  • Ratchet on/off facility
  • Fused terminal block
  • 0.8m Ohm contact resistance
  • IP40 protection

FT350 Data Sheet available as a print out pdf

Dimensions: FT350

FT350 Dimentions

Specifications: FT350

  Cable Length, Max Load    
Model Cores & Size Wound Unwound Weight Part No
FT350.0315 15m 3 x 1.5mm2 8A 10A*   401001
FT350.0510 10m 5 x 1.5mm2 6A 10A*   401002
FT350.0110 15m 1 x 10mm2 - -   401003
FT350.0410 10m 4 x 1.5mm2 6A 10A*   401004
FT350.0310.16A 240V 10m 3 x 2.5mm2 10A 16A**   401005
FT350.0310.32A 240V 10m 3 x 4.0mm2 16A 32A**   401006
FT350.0310.16A 110V 10m 3 x 2.5mm2 10A 16A**   401007
FT350.0310. 32A 110V 10m 3 x 4.0mm2 16A 32A**   401008
Celling Swivel Bracket 0.5kg 401100
* This may be increased to 16A if fused terminal block is replaced with standard block and cable is suitably protected
** No internal fused terminal block cable must be suitably protected


FT 350 - Data Sheet available as a print out pdf