Spring Return Cable Reels - Model: FT260

Robust, small reel, ideal for industry, production bays, garages etc.

FT260 Cable Reel

Supplied with a variety of lengths, sizes and types of cable, with an operating temperature range of +5°C to +60°C.
See specifications for full range.

One is fitted with 10 meters of 10mm sq. green/yellow earth cable and earth clamp and is designed for neutralising electrostatic charges the other is fitted with a 240/24 volt transformer and hand lamp for use where 240 volt equipment is either not allowed or would constitute a safety risk

  • Adjustable ball stop
  • Ratchet on/off facility
  • Fused terminal block
  • 0.8m Ohm contact resistance
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • IP 20 protection

FT260 Data Sheet available as a print out pdf

Dimensions: FT260

FT260 Dimentions

Specifications: FT260

  Cable Length, Max Load    
Model Cores & Size Wound Unwound Weight Part No
FT260.0312 12m 3 x 1.0mm2 4A 10A 4.1kg 400001
FT260.0308 8m 3 x 1.5mm2 8A 10A* 4.0kg 400002
FT260.0505 5m 5 x 1.5mm2 5A 10A* 4.0kg 400003
FTE260.0110 10m 1 x 10mm2 - - 4.5kg 400004
FT260.0406 6m 4 x 1.5mm2 4A 10A* 4.0kg 400005
FTT260.0210 10m 2 x 10mm2 100w @24V 7.5kg 400006
FT260.0305 16A 240V 5m 3 x 2.5mm2 8A** 16A** 4.0kg 400007
FT260.0305 32A 240V 5m 3 x 4.0mm2 16A** 32A** 5.0kg 400008
FT260 0305 16A 110V 5m 3 x 2.5mm2 8A** 16A** 4.0kg 400009
FT260 0305 32A 110V 5m 3 x 4.0mm2 16A** 32A** 5.0kg 400010
* This may be increased to 16A if fused terminal block is replaced with standard block and cable is suitably protected
** No internal fused terminal block, cable must be suitably protected


FT 260 - Data Sheet available as a print out pdf